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To improve the usability of the website, so-called cookies are used. “Cookies” are tiny pieces of information stored temporarily by the browser on the hard drive of the customer’s/user’s computer and are necessary for using the website.

As a result, the cookies’ information is used to manage the session, particularly to enhance navigation and enable a high level of website usability. Additionally, so-called user data is identified using cookies. In particular, the term user data refers to the following information:

This information is partly linked to the customer ID and/or email address of the customer or user, thereby allowing personal identification. The data and information gathered in the process provide details on buyer behavior and are stored for advertising, marketing, and distribution purposes, as well as for website optimization. User data is not passed on to third parties. The customer or user can prevent this use of data by changing his browser settings. If he uses the website without changing the settings, he explicitly agrees to the data use as described above.

We use cookies to make the website work properly and to improve your experience. You can manage them by clicking on “settings”. See the Privacy Policy for more information.